How To Know You’ve Found A Top-Notch Christmas Light Service

It’s time to hire a Christmas light service. You’re tired of putting up lights every year and struggling with burned-out bulbs. But who do you hire? It’s important to look at all the services you get from a exterior holiday decorator, and choose wisely. Many things factor into this decision.

At Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, we believe a few things set us apart from the Christmas light service competition. Get in touch with our team of experts to set up a consultation today.


It’s important to find a Christmas light service who will be your partner all year. From consultation, to design, installation, maintenance and removal.

With Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, one of our professional designers will visit your home and evaluate it, working with your tastes to create a custom lighting and decor plan. Your designer will take as much time as is needed to work through the custom design with you, and will answer any and all of your questions.

Once you’re ready for installation, our friendly staff will schedule a convenient time and handle the entire process so you don’t have to lift a finger! This includes maintenance, removal and storage.

No Worries

Residential home decorated for Christmas with cheerful lights near Saint Cloud, MN.

It’s important to partner with a Christmas light service which will take care of all of the maintenance for you. Whether it’s an electrical, mechanical or weather-related issue, your decorating team should be on top of it.

With Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, our maintenance technicians come to your home at least twice per season to make sure your design looks as good on Christmas Eve as it did the day we installed it.


You won’t want to partner with a Christmas light service which gives the same cookie-cutter treatment to every home and business. Get your own custom design!

At Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, we use lighting and decor specifically reserved for your home, and unique to your custom design. You can have the same items every year or switch it up as you wish. We’ll store it all, and collaborate with you to provide your custom look.

Work with a true top-notch Christmas light service this season – contact us to handle everything for you!