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Our Sartell, MN Lawn Care Services

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Service

To get the most beautiful and relaxing yard possible, fertilizer and weed control lawn care service should begin in April or as soon as the snow in Sartell disappears for good, and should continue through October to create a good foundation for the following year.

Depending on the type of lawn care service program chosen, most home or business owners will receive between five and seven visits from Valley Green Companies in order to keep your lawn lush, green and weed-free all season long.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

You’ve heard that Emerald Ash Borer has infested trees within 15 miles of Sartell, near Rockville, MN, in Stearns County and in Clearwater, MN in Wright County. Emerald Ash Borer treatment has to be a priority if you live within 15 miles of any of these places, as EAB can fly a few miles every year and travel through firewood. 

Get professional Emerald Ash Borer treatment from the team at Valley Green Companies.

Tick Control

Valley Green’s tick control treatment includes application on not only the borders of your yard but also the “harboring areas”, such as trees, shrubs and tall grasses. These are the places where ticks tend to wait for a human or animal to walk by and brush against them, allowing them to climb on.

We treat your entire Sartell lawn with tick control to make sure you get the best coverage. This way, when ticks are brought onto your yard from other areas by animals, wherever they end up they will be exposed to the application. Our goal is to control as many ticks as possible.

Ant Control

Ants themselves are usually not harmful to your lawn – it’s the ant hills they create which harm your lawn by exposing the grass’ roots, causing uneven soil and smothering grass around them.

At Valley Green, we treat the entire lawn with an ant control application to make sure you get the best coverage. This way, when ants walk or fly onto your Sartell yard from other areas, wherever they end up they will be exposed to the application.

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles. They eat the roots of grass and plants, doing great damage to your otherwise healthy lawn. To figure out if you have a grub problem, cut and peel back a square foot of turf, or scrape back the top layer of soil in your garden bed and see whether grubs are there.

Late summer and fall are the only effective times to use grub control. Valley Green Companies grub control application will greatly reduce the damage to your Sartell lawn and protect it from any further damage for an entire season.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a big problem every year in the Sartell area. But they don’t have to be! Valley Green Companies has a mosquito control program which can reduce mosquitoes in your yard or commercial property by 85%.

Mosquito control measures in your yard or commercial property creates a much more enjoyable experience, whether you are hosting a special event like a birthday party or picnic, or for everyday use.

Weed Control

Weeds grow like a . . . well, weed. Even after weed control treatment, weeds can grow back within a month or so. Whether you’re trying to keep your lawn, empty lot, bare ground, or rock and mulch bed weed free, you will likely need multiple weed control treatments throughout the season. Count on Valley Green to keep your Sartell lawn weed-free.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration can be done in the spring or fall, depending on the grass and soil type you have. We recommend lawn aeration during May in the spring – after the first two mowings have taken place – or between August-September in the fall.

Because the aeration holes are catching water and fertilizer, the grass’ roots begin to grow towards them, getting fuller and thicker on the way. The compacted soil of your Sartell lawn begins to loosen, which allows more oxygen to reach the roots and permits them to grow deeper without hitting hard soil.

The important final result of lawn aeration is that the lawn is thicker, greener, has a healthy amount of thatch and holds up to hot and dry weather better than before.

Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding lawns in Minnesota should be done in the late summer or early fall to give young grass some time to become established before temperatures drop and growth stops. The warm soil encourages germination, while the cool fall air stimulates growth.

The following spring, the young grass will have another few months to develop deeper roots before the summer heat sets in. Our trained team members will visit your Sartell lawn repeatedly to ensure the lawn overseeding is progressing as planned.

Tree Fertilization & Inspection

Between diseases and pest insects, a tree fertilization and inspection and shrub care plan are essential to protecting your landscaping.

In the Sartell area, many different insects and diseases can affect your trees and shrubs life. You need a tree fertilization and inspection company who knows how to defend against different diseases and insects on many different types of trees and shrubs

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“I am very pleased with all areas of your service. Thank you! Keep it up, you are amazing!”

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