4 August Lawn Care Tips For Central Minnesota

Your lawn is your refuge. And when it comes to late summer and fall, it can be hard to keep it going. Between late-season disease, extreme moisture or heat spells and family vacations, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve put together some August lawn care tips to help carry you through.

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1. Watch For Fungus

Late summer and early fall can be a time when fungi begin to appear in your lawn. It also happens to be the time when fungus prevention for next fall becomes most valuable.

Many fungi are very destructive and can appear very quickly as brown patches. They survive the winter by hiding in the heavy thatch.

Our August Lawn Care Tip: The best way to get rid of thatch is through lawn aeration, which helps your lawn reduce thatch naturally.

2. Watch For Rust

As lawn growth slows in August and September, rust can begin to appear. Rust (a fungus on grass, not oxidation of metal) typically forms with cool nights and frequent rainfall followed by bright sun.

If grass is wet for six or eight hours straight, there’s a chance rust can form. Rust can be identified by its yellowish-to-reddish dust or spores. Rust essentially stops your lawn from feeding itself, and can work fast.

Our August Lawn Care Tip: Reducing the length of time spent watering, and using lawn aeration to reduce your thatch layer can be effective ways to fight off rust.

3. Create Your Own Lawn Care Calendar

As weather changes, so do the needs of your lawn. It’s important to know your lawn’s cycle, and support its natural rhythm. Creating a lawn care calendar empowers you to take full responsibility for the future of your lawn, and your family’s enjoyment of it.

By mapping out what time periods are best for fertilization, watering, aeration, pest control and more, you can more easily determine the exact conditions in those time periods it’s best to act.

Our August Lawn Care Tip: Learn more about creating a lawn care calendar through the University of Minnesota Extension website.

4. Get In Touch With The Professionals

Finally, the best August lawn care tip we can give is to get in touch with the professionals when you need to. Contact Valley Green Companies, the most trusted name in lawn and tree care!