Guaranteed Ant Control

Lawn ants are a nuisance and one of the most common lawn pests. Ant control begins with a healthy and well-maintained lawn, but once the ants are established it’s best to use a liquid ant control application.

Ants themselves are usually not harmful to your lawn; in fact, they feed on aphids and grubs. It’s the ant hills they create which harm your lawn by exposing the grass’ roots, causing uneven soil and smothering grass around them. You may notice spots on your lawn which look more like hay than grass; this is caused by ant activity.

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Ant Control Provided By Valley Green Companies

At Valley Green, we treat the entire lawn with an ant control application to make sure you get the best coverage. This way, when ants walk or fly onto your yard from other areas, wherever they end up they will be exposed to the application. Our goal is to take care of as many ants as possible.

We provide excellent customer service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you sign up for a full-season ant control program.

Once treatment is applied, the best defense against ants is to keep your lawn healthy and stress-free, so contracting with a professional lawn care provider is a good idea.

Common Ants In Minnesota

Carpenter Ant – (Camponotus species)

The carpenter ant is a relatively large, black, red or brown ant. It tends to nest in wood around your home, like dead trees, telephone poles, woodpiles and sheds. They do bite, which can hurt because they have a large mouth. They do not eat wood, but they do chew it up and can be hurt your home without effective ant control.

Formica Ant – (Formica species)

Formica ants are smaller, and also tend to be black, red or brown. These are the ants which form mounds in open grass or under stones/fountains. They can bite as well.

Red Pavement Ant – (Tetramorium caespitum)

Red pavement ants are also smaller, and are usually red or brown. They form mounds on sidewalks, driveways, concrete, asphalt or any type of pavement. They also bite.

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