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Grubs do the most damage to your lawn in the fall, so effective grub control is needed early to make sure your lawn is in good shape when the snow melts.

Grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles. They eat the roots of grass and plants, doing great damage to your otherwise healthy lawn. To figure out if you have a grub problem, cut and peel back a square foot of turf, or scrape back the top layer of soil in your garden bed and see whether grubs are there.

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Grub Control Provided By Valley Green Companies

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Often, you won’t know you have a grub problem until the spring, when you notice the damage. By then it’s too late, as the grubs don’t come up to feed until late summer/fall. Late summer and fall are the only effective times to use grub control, so be sure to check under your turf or under the top layer of your garden bed soil in the early fall to see if you need grub control.

Our grub control application will greatly reduce the damage to your lawn and protect it from any further damage for an entire season.

Early fall is the peak feeding time for grubs as they fatten up before burrowing 4-8 inches underground for the winter.

An ideal environment for grubs is a sparse, thin lawn of grass with moist soil. The best way to discourage grubs from living in your lawn is to utilize professional lawn care to make sure you have a thick carpet of grass which isn’t too wet or too dry. However, utilizing grub control is always the most effective way to rid yourself of these pests once they are settled in.

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