4 Reasons To Use An Exterior Holiday Decorating Service This Christmas

Nothing brings the spirit of Christmas to your home more than decorations! Decorations and lights are a tradition for many families, and they bring a certain atmosphere to the season. Using an exterior holiday decorating service this Christmas can make building that atmosphere a breeze!

At Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, our trained professionals handle everything, including planning, setup, maintenance and tear-down. Get in touch today to learn more!

1. Safety

Climbing a ladder or climbing a roof are inherently risky activities! When combined with stringing lights or carrying Santa and Rudolph, it can be downright scary. Throwing snow or ice into the mix can make a fall or injury of some type nearly inevitable.

Professional holiday decorating services like Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies have the experience and equipment to safely install and remove your Christmas decorations without accident or injury.

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2. Ease Of Design, Installation & Takedown

Tangled lights. Dead bulbs. Broken plastic figurines. Old garland. Snow, ice and cold. All of these obstacles stand between you and setting up your holiday decorations.

The design, installation, service, and takedown of your exterior Christmas decorations can be a snap. With professional holiday decorating services like Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, take it easy this season, and enjoy the lights!

3. Time Savings

Are you ready to sacrifice a weekend or two to Christmas decorating, along with trips to the hardware store to buy additional bulbs, extension cords, power strips and other accessories? The time involved in setting up a beautiful Christmas light display is crazy, especially when you only have to do it once a year and can barely remember how to set it up.

At Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, our holiday decorating service professionals set up Christmas light displays for a living, all season long, every year. We can get it done quickly and beautifully while you relax and enjoy the show. And we’ll handle maintenance and take-down as well, saving you even more time!

4. Beautiful Display

Is the Santa sleigh you bought ten years ago aging well? Are your lights LED, and working as efficiently as possible? Do you have a new wreath to hang on the front door?

With a holiday decorating service like Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, we provide the latest and greatest lights and decor to give you a beautiful Christmas display. We handle all electricity to make sure we don’t overdraw, while still providing an awesome amount of light. We’ll provide decor which is used only for your house, and maintain it to make sure it’s beautiful every year!

Our team is so excited to be able to help you out. Get in touch today to learn more and set up a consultation!