3 Awesome Display Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Light Service

While every outdoor Christmas light service design we install is unique, based on the property you own and your needs, there are some common denominators. At Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, our goal is to create a beautiful display using high-quality products. With property-friendly clips and fasteners, as well as energy-friendly LED lights, lush, realistic greenery and commercial-grade electrical components and extension cords, you’ll love the designs we create.

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1. Classic Outdoor Christmas Light Service

You know it and you love it. The classic designs typically consist of perfect white LED lights, strung throughout your trees, bushes, as well as around doors, windows and along roof lines. With wreaths-aplenty, this classic outdoor Christmas light service looks good year after year, bringing back memories of holidays-gone-by.

Classic outdoor Christmas light service.

2. Walkway Outdoor Christmas Light Service

Oftentimes, people will choose to line their walkways or driveways with lights similar in color to their home exterior or shrubbery. At night, it adds to the ‘wonderland’ feel, as the snow on the ground amplifies the glow! We can even use alternating colors to provide a candy cane or otherwise themed atmosphere.

Walkway outdoor Christmas light service.

3. Full-Color Outdoor Christmas Light Service

The big kahuna of outdoor Christmas light service is also within your grasp! We have every color LED you could need, along with garlands and wreaths. We can wrap your shrubbery, trees, fencing, poles and home exterior in any way you wish, while also lining walkways and driveways. We’ll also provide any type of decor, from Rudolph and the team pulling Santa’s sleigh to polar bears and Frosty the Snowman.

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Residential home decorated for Christmas with cheerful lights near Saint Cloud, MN.