Steps To Love Your Lawn This Valentine’s Day & Beyond

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so why not start spreading some love to your lawn? It might be frigid now, but Spring will be here sooner than you think. Love your lawn with these amazing lawn care programs and options from Valley Green Companies!

Love Your Lawn With These Lawn Care Programs


5 applications

  • 3 Granular Fertilizer Applications
  • 2 Blanket Weed Control Treatments


6 applications

  • 4 Granular Fertilizer Applications
  • 2 Blanket Weed Control Treatments


7 applications

  • 4 Granular Fertilizer Applications
  • 3 Blanket Weed Control Treatments
Love your lawn. Lawn with “I Love You” written in flowers and stones.

Fertilizing Your Lawn With Love

Lawn health depends on nutrients absorbed by the grass’ roots from the soil. The purpose of fertilizing a lawn is to add the necessary nutrients in the required amounts and at the proper time to achieve the lush, green look and feel you desire.

Love Weeds To Death

The more weeds a lawn has, the less room there is for your lawn to grow. Weeds spreading throughout your landscaping can do serious damage if they aren’t treated right away. We use liquid weed control to control weeds which are already growing. Repeated treatments are needed though, as weeds will continue to crop up every month during the growing season.

Different weeds are a nuisance in different parts of the country. That’s why we use lawn care products specially blended just for us and our Central Minnesota customers.