How To Reduce And Prevent Mosquitoes In Your Central MN Yard

West Nile Virus and other diseases are all spread by mosquitoes. They can spread heartworm to your beloved pets, and ruin your family fun in the yard. To really reduce and prevent mosquitoes in your central Minnesota yard, follow the below tips you can handle yourself, or give us a call at Valley Green Companies for some professional mosquito help.

Prevent Mosquitoes In Your Central MN Yard By:

Home Remedies

Reduce Breeding Grounds

Standing water is the main enemy in your fight against mosquitoes. Clogged rain gutters, tree holes, potholes, old tires, potted plants, ponds, bird baths and more can harbor mosquito eggs without your knowledge. A mosquitoes’ life-cycle is about two weeks, so you’ll need to either change out that bird bath water every week or get rid of it to prevent eggs hatching.

Increase Predators

Bats, purple martins, swallows, and other birds all eat mosquitoes. So, having them around is a blessing as they’ll eat up all the pesky bugs! Bats are your night sky coverage, so build some bat houses. Building purple martin houses can help reduce your daytime mosquito problem. And if you really want to keep that bird bath or decorative pond around, goldfish and certain guppies also prey on mosquito larvae!

Enlist Neighbors

Mosquitoes can travel up to two miles, so it’s important to get your neighbors on board with trying to reduce and prevent mosquitoes. Talk to them about joining your efforts to reduce standing water, increase predators, or hire the same mosquito control company.

Professional Treatment

The most important part of mosquito prevention is controlling the barriers to your property. This includes application on not only the borders of your yard or commercial complex, but also the “harboring areas”, such as trees, shrubs, and tall grasses. These are the places where mosquitoes tend to hide during the day, allowing us to prevent a large number of local mosquitoes from bothering you.

We treat the entire lawn as well, not just the barrier and harbor areas. That way, when mosquitoes fly onto your lawn from other areas, wherever they land they will be exposed to the application.

Residential mosquito control is something we’ve been doing since 2004. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.