Why A Local Lawn Care Company Is The Best Option For Your Lawn

With us, you get a partner in the long-term health and beauty of your lawn. As your local lawn care company, we at Valley Green Companies are here to provide you with the best customer service, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a wide variety of services to meet your every lawn care need. And best of all, you can chat with us at the local Coborn’s instead of having to call an 800 number!

Let’s take a look at more reasons why a local lawn care company is the best option to make your lawn grow lush and weed-free.

Save Time

A lawn care company is going to save you time. When we step foot onto your lawn, we do so with thousands of hours of experience. In the time it takes you to fertilize, we can fertilize, spray for mosquitoes, aerate and do much more! Another way we save time is by having the best tools for the job, which would be prohibitively expensive for individual homeowners to own.

Local Expertise

At Valley Green Companies, we are the local expert on Central Minnesota lawns. We use lawn care products which we request specifically blended for us and for you, because St. Cloud area lawns are different than lawns in Minneapolis, Duluth, Madison and Sioux Falls.

We know the local weather patterns and city regulations, and work with you to make sure your lawn looks just the way you want it.

Offer Additional Services

One-note shops, like national companies which only do lawn care or only do mosquito control are doing a disservice to you and other local homeowners. At Valley Green Companies, we offer a wide range of services so we can be your one stop shop, so you don’t have to farm out your needs to multiple different companies.

We specialize in lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, rock and mulch bed weed control along with mosquito, flea and tick control.

Great Local Reputation

And, of course, because a local lawn care company is more attentive to its customers and prepared to go the extra mile for 100% satisfaction, their reputation is usually stellar. At Valley Green Companies, we’re proud to say we have a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars across the web, from Google to Facebook and more!

Give us a call today to set up lawn care services for this spring!