How To Finally Win Your Battle Against Weeds In Your Lawn

The weeds are coming. You can feel them, and soon you know you’ll see them sprouting up out of your turf, fully matured and ready to spread their seed across your entire lawn.

While not quite a horror movie, weeds are definitely an unwanted, recurring villain in your life.

You may have tried many things over the years to get the weed menace under control, but did you know the best way to defeat weeds is by not letting them get a foothold at all? Yes, a healthy, thick, vigorous lawn is an amazing tool because it crowds out weeds and blocks sunlight from reaching their seeds.

Depending on the number of weeds currently in your lawn, a thick, healthy turf may be all you need to finally turn the tide!

Create A Healthy, Dense Lawn

Hire An Awesome Lawn Care Company

The first and most important step to getting that thick, healthy turf is to hire an amazing, comprehensive lawn care company like Valley Green Companies!

At Valley Green, we offer a large variety of services which help your turf grow into a lush, verdant pasture from which no weed can escape! Our services include:

  • fertilization, to give the nutrients your lawn needs;
  • overseeding, to create a thick layer of grass to choke out weeds;
  • aeration, to allow room for root systems to grow and for air, water and nutrients to get down to the roots’ level;
  • grub control, to remove these pests which each the roots of your grass;
  • ant control, to remove these pests whose hills smother grass and expose the roots to damage;
  • rock & mulch bed weed control, to take care of weeds growing outside of your lawn; and,
  • weed control, to dominate those stubborn weeds currently active on your lawn.


Water Infrequently and Deeply

When you’re watering your lawn, whether before, during or after our efforts to improve its thickness and health, be sure to always make a strong effort to water infrequently and deeply.

Water your lawn when the water will be least likely to evaporate; generally, 6-9 a.m. in the morning (or earlier if you’re up). Avoid watering at night to prevent disease.

Get a rain meter so you can tell how much rain has fallen. Generally, you want your lawn to receive 1-1.5 inches of rain per week. Depending on the rain, make up the remainder by watering your lawn. Utilize a few tin cans on the lawn to measure how long it takes to make up the difference.

Mow Higher

Another thing you need to finally win the battle is to simply mow higher! Most people mow their lawns at a height of about 3 inches, which is what many golf course fairways use. Really, you should be using the highest or near-highest setting on your mower, which will be between 3.5-4 inches!

Mowing higher makes scalping of your turf much less likely to happen, and if you mow once a week this will remove about ⅓ of the blade each week, which is very desireable. This height also helps block sunlight from hitting weed seeds on the surface of the soil, which helps you win your battle against weeds!

For more information, and to set up lawn care services, contact Valley Green Companies today!