3 Reasons Aeration Is Important For Your Lawn This Fall

Aeration is essential to any truly beautiful lawn. It’s essential for great root development and better absorption of the water and fertilizer you meticulously apply (or have us apply for you).

Aeration can be done in spring or fall, but an August-September timeframe is best to get essential root development before winter comes.

Include lawn aeration in your annual lawn care program. Read below for why, and get in touch with us when you’re ready.

1. Improves Use Of Oxygen, Water & Fertilizer

The most immediate benefit of aeration is the creation of tiny pockets in your lawn. These are excellent for temporarily catching air, water and fertilizer. In compact lawns, this feature is especially important.

When watering your lawn, you’ll notice less pooling of water as more is able to be absorbed. As, fertilizer and oxygen are better able to absorb into the root system, more efficiently feeding your lawn.

2. Strengthens Roots, Improves Stress Tolerance

With these tiny pockets catching water, air and fertilizer, the roots have more room to grow and naturally head for these pockets. Root systems become thicker, fuller, and can grow deeper because the soil isn’t as hard.

A stronger and deeper root system improves stress tolerance in drought, heat and other situations.

3. Breaks Down Thatch

Lastly, with more water at and below the surface, and soil cores above the thatch level, you’ll notice thatch begin to deteriorate more during rainfall and watering. While some thatch is necessary, aeration helps keep thatch in check, protecting our lawn from being choked out.