6 Drought Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green

A drought can be devastating to your lawn. How can you expect to keep it healthy and vibrant in drought conditions, and maintain it so it can continue to thrive next year?

Drought-stressed grass looks rough, and can be difficult to recover from. With patience and a plan of action, you can keep your lawn green or mostly green, and keep it safe through the drought. Let’s look at six drought tips, then contact Valley Green when you’re ready for more help.

1. Water When Drought Begins

If you notice any of the following signs, you should do a thorough watering as soon as possible to help your lawn stay out of drought mode, if your municipality allows it:

  • change in color (dull gray, blue/green at first);
  • lingering prints or marks after stepping or driving on grass; and,
  • folded or rolled grass blades/wilting.

2. Don’t Worry About Watering Every Day

Lawns rarely need to be watered every day. Keep your grass healthy with about one inch of water per week.

3. Water Evenly

If you’re using sprinklers, make sure they distribute water evenly and deeply throughout the lawn. If you find patches of dry, discolored grass, you’ll know the watering isn’t even.

4. Mow Higher, Less Frequently

Taller grass will help protect your soil from drying out. Depending on your lawn’s species, set your mower deck higher – anywhere from 3-½-5 inches tall – to protect the soil and help conserve water.

Also, mowing less frequently helps the grass stay higher and healthier, because you’ll be cutting less of the blade off each time.

5. Use Clippings Wisely

You may be used to throwing out your clippings, but it’s actually best to spread them on your lawn. Spread them evenly to give it an extra source of nutrients, as well as moisture and shade to help the soil retain moisture.

6. Stay Sharp

The sharper your blades, the smoother your cut will be and the more accurate your height setting will be. Be sure to sharpen them often.