3 Options To Consider To Improve Your Lawn This Growing Season

Last year might not have been so great for your lawn. Whether you found yourself at the mercy of pests, didn’t have time to water or seed, or the grass ended up patchy and just didn’t look right, 2017 is the year to improve your lawn with some extra attention! At Valley Green Companies, we work through a series of steps to rehab and maintain lawns so you have a great living space you can utilize throughout the warm months!

1. Overseeding

If you’re not a lawn person, overseeding can sound like a bad idea. But truly it’s one of the keys to maintaining a healthy lawn. It can also be used to jump start a struggling lawn.

At Valley Green, we primarily overseed in the later summer and early fall. The purpose is to fill in areas that have been damaged by heat, disease or insects, thicken your current lawn, and help establish the lawn before winter. A thicker turf also helps your lawn choke out weeds in the summer if done correctly. Hiring a professional is definitely a plus for this intensive lawn improvement method.

2. Aerating

Aerating your lawn can have huge benefits. If your lawn is blistering in a heat wave, or your watering efforts seem to roll right off the lawn and onto the sidewalk or roadway, you should call an expert like Valley Green.

Lawn aeration is a great way to improve how well your soil absorbs water, fertilizer and air, and it also improves resiliency and heat/drought tolerance among other things!

3. Consistent Fertilizing

Your lawn health depends most heavily on the nutrients absorbed by your grass’ roots. Consistent fertilizing adds the necessary nutrients your lawn needs to get the lush, green look you are dreaming of.

We apply fertilizer every few weeks, without fail. For the most consistent fertilization schedule, it’s a good idea to contract with a professional lawn care company like Valley Green!