Spring Tips: When To Call My Local Lawn Care Company

Besides the obvious advice to call us as soon in the year as possible, we’re here to take a look at some of the signs you might see during the germination and growing season which might clue you in that you need professional lawn care.

Give us a call when you’re ready for local lawn care assistance!

Snow Mold

Does your lawn appear to have circular or irregular whitish-gray or whitish-pink patches? Known as gray or pink snow mold, this disease lives in the thatch layer of your lawn, and begins growing in the wintertime, so you’ll usually notice it in early spring. Let your local lawn care experts take care of it right away, and advise you on how to prevent it.

Dollar Spot

If you’ve found a bunch of dollar-coin shaped spots on your lawn, ranging in size from 1-6 inches, you may be a victim of dollar spot disease. It’s a fungus which kills your lawn all the way down to the roots and appears in the spring.

Red Thread

Whether you see dead areas in your lawn, or see a pinking or reddish looking thread, it may be a fungus named red thread. This fungus can kill grass, but often simply attacks and destroys leaves, leaf sheaths and stems. An experienced lawn care company can prevent red thread through maintenance procedures.


Noticing a redness or rustiness on the blades of your grass? It may be rust, a fungus known for weakening your lawn and making it more susceptible to other diseases. Usually showing up in the late summer or fall, get in touch with a lawn care specialist to remove thatch and take other preventative measures to protect your lawn.

Brown Patches

Seeing brown patches in your lawn? A small brown patch may be nothing to worry about, and can be caused by mowing too deeply or too frequently. But if brown patches appear in great numbers or are large, it may be caused by grubs, excessive thatch or a fungal disease, all of which can be aided through expert local lawn care.