3 Reasons To Have Christmas Décor by Valley Green Hang Christmas Lights

While Christmas lights are one of the most visible embodiments of the season, they’re also one of the most infuriating. Finding all of your decor and light boxes, buying new equipment, making repairs and getting it all setup can sometimes lead to family fights and even injury.

The designers of Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies are here to hang your Christmas lights for you, and make sure you and your family can fully enjoy the season, as well as a beautiful light and decor display!

1. Beautiful Christmas Lights

As professional decorators, we have decades of experience with lights and decor. We supply and carry all of our own equipment, lights and decor and maintain all of it so you only get the best on your home.

Our christmas lights and decor design is customized for your home and tastes to get the most out of the experience. With energy-friendly LED lights, lush, realistic greenery and commercial-grade electrical components, your display will shine brightly all season long.

Residential home decorated for Christmas with cheerful lights near Monticello, MN.

2. It’s Easy On You

Untangling lights. Dusting off Rudolph. Identifying burned-out bulbs. Splicing cables. Bundling up and getting high on a ladder. All of these annoying parts of Christmas can be eliminated by hiring a professional Christmas lights company!

Take it easy, kick up your feet and enjoy some hot cocoa while the Christmas Décor by Valley Green team takes care of everything. From walking the property with you to decide on design, to taking it all down at the end of the season, our entire process is designed to be easy on the home or business owner.

3. It’s Safe

Whether you’re up on a ladder or climbing the roof, danger is always present. Electrical shocks, falls, and cold weather can be a major pain. Our professional team members are fully insured, have the proper tools and equipment and do this kind of work all season long, every year. Count on us to keep you safe and warm while we handle the hard stuff.