Tick Control

Living in Minnesota we know ticks are a problem year after year. But they don’t have to be! Valley Green Companies has a tick control program which can greatly reduce ticks in your yard.

Reducing the tick population in your yard creates a much more enjoyable experience, because you don’t have to worry nearly as much about your friends, family or pets being infected by a disease.

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Tick Control Provided By Valley Green Companies

Valley Green’s tick control treatment includes application on not only the borders of your yard but also the “harboring areas”, such as trees, shrubs and tall grasses. These are the places where ticks tend to wait for a human or animal to walk by and brush against them, allowing them to climb on.

We treat the entire lawn to make sure you get the best coverage. This way, when ticks are brought onto your yard from other areas by animals, wherever they end up they will be exposed to the application. Our goal is to take care of as many ticks as possible.

No other company can match the tick control experience we bring to your lawn. Our applicators receive extensive training before stepping foot on any lawn, and receive ongoing training so they can use the latest products, technologies and techniques. We do not employ untrained
“summer help” employees, so you always have a professional working on your lawn.

We also provide excellent customer service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you sign up for a full-season program.

Summer is short enough in Minnesota; enjoy it fully without pesky, disease-carrying ticks!

How To Help Control Ticks In Your Yard

Help to reduce ticks in your own yard by:

  • Removing leaf litter
  • Clearing tall grasses and brush around your home and at the edge of your lawn
  • Placing a 3-foot wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between your lawn and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas
  • Mowing the lawn frequently, either yourself or through a lawn care company
  • Using a professional tick control company to apply tick control applications at your home

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