Rock and Mulch Bed Weed Control

Weeds are a nuisance, but they don’t have to be. Valley Green Companies offers weed control across the entire yard, from flower, mulch and rock beds, to empty lots and bare ground. For weed control for your main lawn, see our lawn care services page.

Weed Control From Valley Green Companies

Flower, Rock and Mulch Beds

When it comes to your flower beds or rock and mulch beds, you definitely don’t want unsightly weeds poking up and ruining the look of your manicured landscape. We can reduce the weeds so you don’t have to pull them anymore!

Our weed control treatment – delivered in 3 applications (spring, summer and fall) – will not harm your flowers and other plants you’ve worked hard to cultivate over the years; it will only affect weeds. This treatment, however, is not available to be used where annuals are planted.

Empty Lots

​Empty lots can be a haven for dandelions, clover, thistle, creeping charlie and many other types of weeds. We offer treatments for which will control up to 85% of the actively growing weeds during each of our visits.

During the growing season, weeds germinate daily, so you will most likely have new weeds growing within 3 weeks after an application. To keep the weeds in check and stop them from overtaking your lot, we recommend scheduling weed control treatments every 6 weeks.

Before Valley Green Seeding

Bare Ground

Gravel driveways, parking lots, fenced in areas with rock or any other area where nothing of value grows and mowing and pulling weeds is not practical are easily dealt with by Valley Green Companies. We will treat these areas with a variety of products which can control weeds anywhere from 30 days up to the entire season.

Safe, Effective Weed Control

If you want a weed-free lot, driveway, flower bed or other area outside of your lawn, you’ll need weed control from Valley Green Companies.

Weeds will grow back in a month or so, so keep in mind that treatments are needed throughout the growing season in most cases.

If you have any other questions about weed control, be sure to check out our FAQ section, and if you’re ready to give those weeds what they deserve, contact us today!