Making your Holidays Bright
and Picture Perfect…

Everyone loves Christmas. Shoppers are milling about, children are excited to see the lights, and the decor on your business makes everyone a little more excited to come inside!
Let your customers know you’re open for the season, and make their season brighter with commercial Christmas decorations and lighting!
The designers of Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies offer you a multitude of ways to bring glad tidings to your customers, clients and passers-by!

Custom Residential Christmas Decorations

We offer a custom design for your home this Christmas season, and we have many different types of lights and decorations for you to choose from:

  • lit or unlit garlands and wreaths;
  • lighting of trees and shrubs;
  • lighting of walkways and driveways;
  • lighting of fencing or poles;
  • lighting of the exterior of your home;
  • lighting of outbuildings; and more!

Our Process

Complete Design Consultation

One of our professional designers will be delighted to come to your home where they will work with you to create a customized decorating plan. They’ll take you through the entire process, answering any questions you might have.

Custom Installation

With our installation crew, our goal is to create a beautiful, display using the highest quality decorations and lights available. We will customize the design to your home and needs, while using property-friendly fasteners, energy-friendly LED lights and commercial-grade electrical components for safety.

Our friendly installation crew will schedule a convenient time with you, and then handle everything while you enjoy some hot cocoa inside!

Regular Maintenance

When setting up Christmas lights, isn’t it a pain when a single bulb is out and shorts the whole string? Or during the cold winter nights, one bulb goes out and your whole display is ruined until you can find it? We take care of that for you!

At Christmas Decor by Valley Green Companies, we come to your home at least twice per season to make sure your decor looks good all season long!

Scheduled Removal

Once Christmas is over, we’ll come at a time of your choosing to remove the decor. We mark and label every item we used to decorate your home and store it at our facility until next season so we’re ready to go next season.