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How To Pick The Perfect Commercial Christmas Tree

Christmas decorating can be tricky business for a business! There are a ton of factors to take into account with commercial Christmas decor: you want to have both a stunning design while not spending too much time on the planning, setup and takedown process. And with the huge variety of trees out there, how do you know which one is right?

Luckily, with Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies you have a partner who will guide you through the design process and take care of all of the setup, maintenance and takedown of your Christmas tree and decor, saving you time and worry! Our professional designers will work with you to help pick the perfect commercial Christmas tree for your business. Let’s go over some of the considerations which factor into the perfect commercial Christmas tree for your business.


The style of the tree is also an important consideration. These days, artificial trees come in a variety of styles to replicate real Christmas trees, like pine, fir and even snow-covered trees! Finding a style that fits your business best is important, and we’re excited to help.


Where will your Christmas tree be located? Do you have a large lobby, or will it be outside? Maybe you want multiple trees scattered throughout the building, with one larger one in the foyer.

The location really determines the size, number and style of your commercial Christmas tree, so it’s important to consider this before or during your design meeting. We can provide trees of nearly any size and style.

Commercial Christmas Decor

Our designers will help you pick out the perfect decor to complement your business, from shatterproof ornaments to fiberglass or metal holly leaves and berries to illuminated toppers. You will have many options to choose from with us, and it can be as sparse or as full as you’d like!


This is an important question. While it might seem only natural to light up a Christmas tree, in some cases it can be the proper style choice to simply decorate it. A number of our clients have chosen to decorate the tree instead of light it.

If you do choose to light it, placement of the tree is key as electricity needs to be available. Depending on the case, we can run commercial-grade extension cords to the site if electricity is not available.

Our designers will also help you choose which lights are best with the decor and natural design of your building, whether white, a certain color, multi-colored or a mix will be more appropriate. We also use energy-friendly LED lights to be gentle on your electric bill while still providing awesome lighting.

To get started choosing your commercial Christmas decor, contact us today to speak with a designer!