Tree and Shrub Care

Between diseases and pest insects, a tree and shrub care plan are essential to protecting your landscaping.

In Minnesota, many insects and diseases can affect your plant life, so you need a tree and shrub care company who knows how to defend against each different disease and insect on the many different types of trees and shrubs in your yard.

At Valley Green Companies, we specialize in tree and shrub care, keeping insects and diseases away from your greenery! To get a custom proposal for your lawn, fill out our request form!

Tree And Shrub Care Provided By Valley Green Companies


Spring Deep Root Fertilization

Plant fertilization is a balancing act, and as a professional tree and shrub care company we know just how to feed your species of tree or shrub under particular conditions.

For our spring deep root fertilization, we will come to your home between March and May, depending on the weather. Deep root fertilization at this time is necessary to make sure your trees or shrubs have the proper nutrients throughout their growing season.

Inspection And Insect/Disease Control

We will also come to inspect your plants for insects and diseases during the summer months, May through August. We look for dead wood, damaged leaves, decay, visual signs of insects, and mushrooms.

Should we find something of concern during inspection, our tree and shrub care control includes injections into the soil or trunk as well as spray treatments, both of which are used in differing capacities depending on the insect or disease. Read more on these methods for specific diseases or insects in the next section.

Fall Deep Root Fertilization

In the fall, we will come for fertilization again between September and November depending on the weather. Deep root fertilization at this time is needed to ensure your trees or shrubs will have the nutrients to hit their spring growth period without breaking stride.

Defend Against These Diseases and Insects With Tree And Shrub Care

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infests and kills North American ash species including green, white, black and blue ash. It was first discovered in 2002 in southeastern Michigan and Windsor, Ontario.

In 2011-2012 a significant infestation was discovered in St. Paul. It is anticipated that more than 1,000 ash trees were removed in 2012.

Emerald Ash Borer is here, and it is just a matter of time before it arrives in central Minnesota.

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

The Eastern Tent Caterpillar is a social species that forms communal nests in the branches of trees. They eat the leaves of many ornamental trees to a great extent, requiring vigilant tree and shrub care.

It is sometimes confused with the gypsy moth, or the fall webworm and may be erroneously referred to as a bagworm. The moths lay eggs almost exclusively on trees particularly cherry and apple. The caterpillars are hairy with areas of blue, white, black and orange.

Top 10 Diseases

Valley Green is experienced at tree and shrub care for a variety of diseases which are commonly found in Central Minnesota. If you are suspect that your trees or shrubs have been affected, give us a call.


Top 10 Insects

Valley Green is experienced at tree and shrub care for a variety of insect infestations on trees and shrubs. If you see evidence of insects on your trees and shrubs, give us a call.

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