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Stearns County Emerald Ash Borer Information

How Many Ash Trees Are In Stearns County?

We can estimate there are about 16 million ash trees in Stearns County.

While data for the number of Stearns County’s ash trees specifically doesn’t exist, the Department of Agriculture estimates the number of ash trees in all of Minnesota at one billion, the highest concentration in the country. If we extrapolate from that data, comparing the size of Minnesota (87,000 square miles) vs. Stearns County (1,400 square miles), we arrive at the 16 million number.

When Should I Call For Emerald Ash Borer Treatment?

If you notice heavy woodpecker activity, bark falling off revealing tunnels, or the distinctive “D”-shaped holes of adult EAB tunneling out, call right away. Treatment needs to start as a preventative measure and continue every two years to be effective.

If your ash tree looks like it’s lost 30% of its canopy already, it may be too late for treatment. Ash trees must be healthy enough to carry the insecticide up the trunk, into the branches and canopy.

Is Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Effective?

Our micro-infusion method is highly effective and reduces damage to the tree. Micro-infusion involves lightly drilling a tee needle about one-inch inside the tree and infusing the chemical directly under the bark. This allows the treatment to quickly spread throughout the tree.

How Far Can Emerald Ash Borers Travel In A Year?

EABs can fly a few miles in a year during their adult phase – most of their spread is due to negligence in transporting infected wood.

Valley Green Lawn & Tree Care Reviews

Cory O., Stearns County Resident

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“My yard was a mess after purchasing my home. It was lacking attention for years prior to buying it. I tried everything for one season on my own to get it looking nice and not being the eyesore of the neighborhood. I finally caved in and called Mike to the rescue. Within a few weeks, I could see a major difference. Now after 2 complete seasons of Valley Green care my yard is one of the nicer yards in the area. The attention to detail and customer service makes calling them every spring a no brainer. Thanks for all you do Valley Green!”

Dennis & Sue J., Stearns County Resident

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“Valley Green has done an excellent job for us on weed control and fertilization. All of your techs are prompt and Jodi has great customer contact skills.”

Dan A., Stearns County Resident

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“I have used Valley Green ever since moving to the St. Cloud area. It’s an easy decision to sign up for the following year. They do a great job. Even had the owner, Mike, stop by my house when I had a question. Very professional. If you are ever in need of lawn care service, I’d check Valley Green out!”

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