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Sartell Emerald Ash Borer Information

How Many Ash Trees Are In Sartell?

While data for Sartell ash trees specifically doesn’t exist, the Department of Agriculture estimates the number of ash trees in all of Minnesota at one billion, the highest concentration in the country.

Is Emerald Ash Borer An Invasive Species?

EAB is a highly invasive species.

EAB was first discovered in North America in Michigan in 2002. It has spread to most of the eastern-U.S. and eastern Canada.

What Trees Does Emerald Ash Borer Attack?

EAB attacks ash trees, specifically all species native to North America: green ash, black ash, white ash, and blue ash.

How Does Valley Green Treat Emerald Ash Borer?

Valley Green Companies uses the micro-infusion method to prevent EAB damage.

Micro-infusion uses a small drill and tee needle to provide chemical directly into the cambial zone where it is most effective. Treatment must take place in the first year of infestation to be effective – trees die within two to three years of EAB infestation.

Valley Green Lawn & Tree Care Reviews

Cory O., Sartell Resident

Reviewed Valley Green By Facebook

“My yard was a mess after purchasing my home. It was lacking attention for years prior to buying it. I tried everything for one season on my own to get it looking nice and not being the eyesore of the neighborhood. I finally caved in and called Mike to the rescue. Within a few weeks, I could see a major difference. Now after 2 complete seasons of Valley Green care my yard is one of the nicer yards in the area. The attention to detail and customer service makes calling them every spring a no brainer. Thanks for all you do Valley Green!”

Craig H., Sartell Resident

Reviewed Valley Green By Facebook

“We purchased our home a little over 3 years ago with an immaculate lawn. I immediately asked the seller who she used? Valley Green was the company she suggested and we have been using them ever since. I would highly recommend Valley Green for anyone looking for fantastic service!”

Laurie B., Sartell Resident

Reviewed Valley Green On Facebook

“Valley Green employees and their customer service are amazing. If there’s a problem with our lawn, they come out that day. Plus, our lawn has never been this healthy.”

Sartell Area Emerald Ash Borer News

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April 2, 2019

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Our owner Michael Hornung offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t rely on inexperienced seasonal help – we invest in our employees’ training, keep them busy year-round and have a low turnover rate.

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Emerald Ash Borer has been found at two locations within 20 miles of Sartell. Insecticide treatment needs to start as a preventative measure and continue every two years to be effective, so call Valley Green Companies right away.

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