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Minnesota Christmas Lights & Decorations

You may recall Clark Griswold wiring his Christmas lights through his garage lightswitch, or sliding off of his roof while hanging from the gutters. You may have even done so yourself once (hopefully not).

Avoid giving your family the Lampoon treatment. Make the holidays the most wonderful time of the year by calling Christmas Décor by Valley Green Companies, based right here in Central Minnesota!

One Less Thing To Worry About

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FAQ about Christmas & Holiday Decorating from Christmas Décor by Valley Green

Does Christmas Décor decorate home exteriors for the holidays?

Yes, we decorate home exteriors for Christmas and winter holidays.

Does Christmas Décor decorate home interiors for the holidays?

No, we do not decorate home interiors for Christmas or winter holidays.

Does Christmas Décor decorate businesses or office buildings for the holidays?

Yes, we decorate business and office building exteriors for Christmas and the holidays as well. We have done a wide variety of businesses, from franchises like McDonald’s, to malls, plazas, strip-malls, health care centers, and traditional office park buildings.

What is the decorating process once I contact Christmas Décor?

  1. A professional Christmas Décor designer will contact you to evaluate your needs. A site visit will be conducted, following COVID-19 guidelines. A custom lighting and decoration plan will be created and approved by you, and all of your questions will be answered.
  2. Your custom Christmas or holiday light and decoration installation will take place on your property at a time which is convenient for you. We use property-friendly clips and fasteners, as well as energy-friendly LED lights, realistic greenery and commercial-grade electrical components.
  3. We will maintain your Christmas Décor installation at least twice per season to ensure it looks just as good as the day we installed it.
  4. Your custom Christmas or holiday light and decoration installation will be removed at a time convenient to you, and your property will be returned to its original state.

Will Christmas Décor put up and take down my own personal decorations?

No, our Christmas Décor team will only install and remove our own decorations to ensure uniformity and safety. We will not install or take down your private Christmas or holiday decorations.

How does Christmas Décor store the holiday decorations?

Our Christmas Décor team will mark and label every item used and store it at our facility until the next season. In this way, you can have the same display year after year, or make slight adjustments without having to reinvent the wheel every season should you so choose.

Do you have any reviews available for the Christmas decorating?

Yes, we do. You can read the reviews here.