Months Of Mist Make MN Mosquitoes Multiply: Meet Their Match

At Valley Green Companies, mosquitoes really bother us. At our abode, we even apply alliterations around the ankle-biters.

The point is, with all of the wet weather we’ve had lately, the Minnesota Department of Health and every news agency that can cover them are warning us that mosquitoes are going to be terrible this year! Mosquitoes will be out in force starting in July – right now!

So precede the plethora of pandering pests with prevention. Specifically, mosquito control from Valley Green.

Residential & Commercial Mosquito Control For 2019

Mosquito control has been our expertise since 2004, and we only use experienced applicators. In fact, the mosquito control we use at your home is the same product we use for golf courses; we only provide the best.

While we provide full-season coverage traditionally if you have special events you want to be covered we can do that as well. Previously we have provided mosquito control for: family and class reunions, weddings, as well as graduation and birthday parties.

If you have a cabin you would like controlled for mosquitoes, we can provide full-season coverage or simply prepare your refuge for a few key weekends.

Diseases To Watch Out For With Mosquitoes This Year

West Nile Virus is always the worst one to see in Minnesota. Here since 2002, infected mosquitoes carry the virus from humans and animals to other people. Nearly 80% of people infected exhibit no symptoms at all, while 0.1% of cases are fatal.

La Crosse Encephalitis first appeared in Minnesota in 1963. A small percentage of people infected will have serious symptoms, but most have no symptoms or just a mild flu-like illness.

Heart-worm is very rarely found in people, but a mosquito can bite an infected dog and bring it to people. Heart-worm is not very serious in humans but can cause death in your pets if untreated.

Zika Virus is scary, but it is only in southern Minnesota for now, not in central Minnesota.

2019 Central Minnesota News Stories About Mosquitoes

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June 6, 2019