To get the most beautiful, relaxing and healthiest yard possible, lawn care services are a must. Luckily, ValleyGreen lawn care services in Cold Spring, MN are just a phone call or click away!

Lawn care services should begin in April or as soon as the snow disappears for the year, and should continue into October to create a healthy base for the following year. This process allows you to relax and enjoy your healthy and beautiful lawn, whether it is playing catch, grilling an outdoor meal or just catching some rays.

What is a Healthy Lawn?slidevg2

A healthy lawn will have: the right color of grass based on its species; some spring-back to it (if you walk through the grass your footsteps should disappear fairly quickly); and an even layer of thatch underneath the blades, serving as insulation to help regulate ground temperature.

How Can I Make My Lawn Healthier?

In order to make your lawn healthier or maintain it’s health, contact a lawn care service like ValleyGreen Companies for their expertise.

Lawn care consists of two separate but equally important services: fertilization and weed control.

Lawn health depends on nutrients absorbed by the grass’ roots from the soil. The purpose of fertilizing a lawn is to ensure the needed nutrients are getting to the grass in the required amounts and at the proper times to achieve the lush, green look and feel you desire.

As well, the more weeds a lawn has, the less room there is for your lawn to grow. Weeds spreading throughout your landscaping can do a lot of damage if they aren’t treated right away. When it comes to controlling weeds, different ones are a nuisance in different parts of the country. That is the reason we use lawn care products specifically created for ValleyGreen Companies and our Central Minnesota customers.

Lawn Care Services in Cold Spring, MN

There are three tiers to ValleyGreen’s lawn care services in Cold Spring, MN.

The basic lawn care program gives you 3 fertilizer applications and 2 weed control treatments, from early spring to early fall.

The deluxe lawn care program gives you 4 fertilizer applications and 2 weed control treatments from early spring to fall.

The premium lawn care program gives you 4 fertilizer applications and 3 weed control treatments from early spring to fall.

Depending on which program is chosen, most applications will fall within a few to several weeks of one another. As your lawn’s needs change, there may be times when two applications will happen at the same visit to be proactive in both fertilizing and weed control efforts.

Why ValleyGreen Companies?

If you want your lawn to be lush and green, lawn care services should occur every few weeks. We provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and have multiple programs to choose from. With a long-lasting legacy of experience and positive reviews from customers, we are known for treating our customers lawns like our own. If you have any questions about lawn care, be sure to check out our FAQ section, and if you’re ready to have the most lush, green lawn of your life, contact us today!